Tekken®6 Game Info(PSP)

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 28 January 2012 10:14.

"Power is Everything."

This is the law of Tekken ® . All seek it. All are consumed by it. In the end, all bow to its immutable logic. Each warrior has a unique motivation for entering the 6th King of the Iron Fist Tournament: Respect. Vengeance. Honor. Righteousness. Family...

Power alone will lead them to victory.
Power alone will bring all foes to their knees.

In this world governed by violence, who will reign supreme?

Armed with jaw-dropping HD graphics running flawlessly at 60 fps; the largest character roster ever in Tekken ® gaming history; ground-breaking online game modes and robust character customization system; the greatest fighting game franchise soars onto the PlayStation®3 Computer Entertainment System and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system.

Tekken ®6 is also coming to PSP® System this Fall! The PSP version of TEKKEN ®xft6 will not only contain all the explosive action of its home console brethren but also feature additional stages, content, items, and an ad-hoc multiplayer mode.

Nintendo's success games from last year

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 16:44.

Nintendo released a report for last years game sellings.

Even if their latest console, the Nintendo 3DS sold poor and they had to cut the price by half to get more buyers the games for Nintendo consoles had an imense success!

Here is the top games sold of 2011 for the 3DS:

Super Mario 3D Land - 5 million copies sold

Mario Kart 7 - 4.5 million copies

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - 2.5 million copies

Now let's take a look at the top games sold for the Wii console:


Mario Kart Wii - 5 million copies sold

New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 3.5 million

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - 3.5 million

Wii Sports - 2.5 million

Wii Sports Resort - 2 million

Wii Party - 2 million

Wii Fit Plus - 1.5 million

Kirby's Return to Dream Land - 1 million

Wii Play: Motion - 1 million

Super Mario Galaxy - 1 million

The stats are showing us some big sales. That's why Nintendo can reduce 3DS's price by 50%!


Wii U Getting Released This Christmas!

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 15:50.

Wii U has been finally announced! It will be launched this holiday season even if Nintendo announced that for the last period of 2011 they had a huge profit loss (or that would be the reason why they are releasing the new console).

They may finally realised that it is time for a new console and the old Wii is not getting so much profit anymore.

Their last launched console, the 3DS also had poor sellings. Nintendo has been forced to cut it's price by 50% to rise it's sales.

Are you going to buy the new Wii U console? If you are a fan of tablets you are probably going to love the Wii U since the main controller will be a tablet-like device (the old remote controles will still be available).

Please leave a comment below!

Syberia 2 - Kate Walker's adventures Game Info(PS2)

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 14:19.


COURAGEOUS OR CRAZY ? Having searched Eastern and Wstern Europe for a massing heir, Kate Walker finally completed her long and arduous journey, obtaining the signature of Hans Voralberg and closing the automaton factory buyout. Mission accomplished ? Not for this sophisticated New York lawyer... An unlikely pair, young Kate Walker and old, eccentric Hans Voralberg now set off on a journey together: in search of the last of the fabled Syberian mammoths at the heart of a long and forgotten universe. The surreal quest Hans began alone several years ago will come to a final close as he and Kate face obstacles far more dangerous than ever before, testing their courage and determination. Far and beyond, a mystical Syberia awaits their arrival...

Main features

  • Original and captivating storyline !
  • Rich and intriguing new characters with new, realistically detailed 3D environments.
  • Completely integrated, original puzzles that test the players skill throughout the game.
  • An amazing original sountrack !
  • Syberia 2-0
    • Syberia 2-1
      • Syberia 2-2

Syberia - Kate Walker's adventures Game Info(PS2)

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 14:18.


Kate Walker, a young ambitious lawyer from New York, is handed what seems a fairly straight forward assignment - a quick stopover to handle the sal of an old automaton factory hidden in the alpine valleys, then straight back home to the US. Little did she imagine when embarking on this task that her life would be turned upside down. On her exedition across Europe, travelling from Western Europe to the far reaches of Eastern Russia, she encounters a host of incredible characters and locations in her attempt to track down Hans, the genius invento - the final key to unlock the secret of Syberia. Her voyage across land and time throws all she values into question, while the deal she sets out to sign turns into a pact with destiny.

Main features

  • A gripping script that goes beyond your imagination
  • Rich and intriguing characters with detailed and realistic 3D environments.
  • Film-like camera angles, movements and framing
  • Original and creative puzzles (completely integrated in the scenario)
  • Syberia-0
    • Syberia-1
      • Syberia-2

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