Battlefield 4 Single Player Campaign First Thoughts

Written by igcompany on Friday, 08 November 2013 10:52.

Battlefield 4 Single Player


I just finished Battlefield 4 and I want to write a few thoughts about this game. First of all I think the single player mode is very very short. Also I'm sure that if you already read a few other reviews you already know that the single player mode is very very buggy. Battlefield 3 single player mode was amazing, the story was amazing and it was pretty real, was really fun and graphics were pretty good. 

As soon as I started the Battlefield 4  single player mode I immediately started to get tired of it because of the bugs. One of the most annoying glitches was that after you cleared the field of enemies suddenly a new enemy would appear behind your back.

The story was boring. Is the same classic story of USA versus Russia and more recently China. And I don't want to be rude but that woman shall not be in this game. She was very annoying and the way the story turns in a matter of seconds makes you think that you are actually watching a bad movie. Someone said that the single player mode shall not be even there and I think he is right. When I finished the game I couldn't believe it it was so short and I was actually expecting for more mission's to come.

When I finished the game I actually thought that this was one of the worst single-payer campaigns I ever played. It was one of the most boring, useless and buggiest single player companies I've ever played.

In Battlefield 3 the single player campaign was one of the best features that game had but in Battlefield 4 the single player campaign shall not be even there. The multiplayer mode should save Bethelfield 4 but that sucks too because the servers are very slow and the whole game is very buggy. Overall I think this game does not deserve a number bigger than seven.

What do you think about Battlefield 4? Did you like this game? Do you like the single player mode? What about the multiplayer mode? Thank you for reading and please write your comment down below!

Battlefield 4 Missions List

Written by igcompany on Monday, 04 November 2013 15:48.

Battlefield 4 Missions List Wallpaper

Battlefield 4 has been out for a few days now. So we just finished the Single Player mode and as always, we are going to give you the full missions list for another great game. It's the Battlefield 4 Missions List people!

Battlefield 4 Missions List:

1. Baku

2. Shanghai

3. South China Sea

4. Singapore

5. Kunlun Mountains

6. Tashgar

7. Suez

How did you like the Battlefield 4 Single Player Campaign? We think it was full of bugs and very short.

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