The Destiny of Zorro Game Info(Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 31 July 2011 17:25.

Prepare for swashbuckling action as Zorro sets to leave his mark exclusively on Nintendo Wii.

Players will make an incredible action-packed journey through the sun-scorched coast and desert landscape of early 1800’s Spanish California playing as the infamous Zorro – the swashbuckling defender of the oppressed whose secret identity is the fictional wealthy caballero Don Diego de la Vega.

Using the unique properties of the Wii controller, players can whip, slice and of course perform Zorro’s signature ‘Z’ slash move to bring his foes to justice.

The Destiny of Zorro draws inspiration from the Mexican, Spanish and Native Southwest American cultures prevalent in California in the early 1800’s – the time of the original Zorro. The multi-tiered story sees Zorro confronting the nefarious Calavera and his troops, defeating a plot to steal a great treasure, thwarting a power-hungry mob boss, and facing off against a rebel army.

Players will discover the secrets behind the origin of Zorro himself. The game also carries forward some of the explosive plot lines suggested by recent Zorro properties, such as the recent blockbuster Hollywood movies.

  • Action oriented gaming experience focused on heroic and intense
  • Defines Zorro as a strong Lead character who is featured in an engaging storyline and demonstrates clever, heroic actions
  • An immersive and consistent world featuring signature elements played out in a rich, romantic environment.
  • Intuitive and instantly accessible controls
  • Designed to appeal to a wide audience, with swashbuckling action and family-oriented fun.

Table Football Game Info(Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 31 July 2011 17:25.

Football games just got a whole new twist.

Table Football uses the motion-sensing technology in the Wii remote to create a realistic feeling table football game – players will feel like they are actually playing at a real foosball table!

Using the flexible customisation features players are able to play the game using official table football rules or create custom rules to suit the game and a partnership with the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) provides a host of official tables to play on.

  • Fast paced table football action
  • Create your own team of Table Football players
  • Play using official rules or create bespoke rules to suit the game
  • Partnership with ITSF
  • Play on official tables

Radio Helicopter Game Info(Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 31 July 2011 17:24.

Radio Helicopter sees you piloting your very own radio controlled mini helicopter around everyday real world locations.

Using the Wii controller players pilot their helicopter around a series of challenging courses collecting items to progress onto the next section before the timer runs out.

Players skill and nerve are tested to the limits as they negotiate narrow passages and tricky obstacles around the house and garden.

Once you have mastered flying your helicopter, challenge your friends in 2 player competitive action as you battle head to head to be crowned Radio Helicopter champion!

  • Use the Wii controller to pilot your radio controlled helicopter
  • Explore and negotiate huge locations collectingtarget items against the clock
  • 2 player head to head competitive play
  • 480p graphics

POP! Game Info(Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 31 July 2011 17:24.

POP! is a fast moving action puzzle game where players use the Wii remote to aim the pointer and pop coloured balloons.

When a chain of 3 or more balloons is created, the chain is eliminated until the screen is cleared. Players can choose from three exciting game modes:

  • Story Mode: the goal is to pop all the balloons and clear the screen. As the game advances so does the difficulty!
  • Puzzle Mode: Eliminate all the balloons within a selected number of moves in order to clear the stage
  • Challenge Mode: two players battle against each other to clear their side of the screen. Single players can also play against a computer player.
  • Fast paced action puzzle gameplay
  • Easy to use controls utilising the Wii remote to pop balloons
  • 3 exciting game modes to challenge all players
  • Two players can battle head to head or single players can challenge a computer opponent

Mind. Body. Soul: Nutrition Matters Game Info(Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 31 July 2011 17:23.

Nutrition Matters is perfect if you’re looking for a fun way to maintain a healthy balance between diet and exercise in the comfort of your living room. Use your Wii as your personal nutrition monitor to easily track your calories and measure them against daily activities in order to reach your personal fitness goals.


Balance calories in against calories out

Allows the player to analyse nutritional information: Calorie count, Fat content, Carbohydrates and Proteins.

Build a history and projection of what a person or family is eating (up to 4 avatars can be created)

Avatars will change over time according to your weight fluctuations

Plan and analyse a menu for dinner parties and events

Use Wii balance board as scales

Create an avatar and enter your diet and training routine to monitor your health and weight over time.

Developed under guidance from a professional nutritionist.

Thousands of meal variations using the meal manager system

Calculate your Body Mass Index

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