007 James Bond: Legends

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 12 September 2013 10:49.

007 James Bond: Legends

The Wii version of 007 Legends is a shooter game which covers a whole range of James Bond adventures from Skyfall, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Die Another Day, Moonraker, License to Kill, and Goldfinger. It celebrates 50 years of James Bond movies.

The game gets off to a good start in its intro. Here we see Bond in action on the roof of a moving train, but he is shot down by a female sniper and falls into water where he has a flashback to some of his previous adventures. Each of these flashbacks provides the setting for a game mission, one from each of the adventures listed above.

The problem is that from there on in the game tends to deteriorate and unfortunately it has been heavily panned by the critics. To say that it has generally disappointed is an understatement. It is really Call of Duty featuring a blond James Bond armed with a gun and shooting his way out of every situation.

If you hoped for some casino action and the chance to join Bond in his favourite casino games such as Chemin de Fer and poker, then you are likely to be very disappointed. All James Bond seems to be capable of is shooting his gun. That said, there is a stealth mode which adds an extra level of interest to the game, but even that isn't as good as it might be.

There are a number of mini-games as sub plots to the main action, but none of these feature casino games either. They are hacking using your phone, safe breaking, rewiring power systems, and using keypads. If they don't float your boat, then there isn't a great deal to be gained. Quite honestly, if you are interested in casinos forget all about Legends, come to that if you are interested in James Bond the same applies.

First Official FIFA 13 Wii U Screenshots Released

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 02 August 2012 20:26.

We were one of the first websites who presented the first FIFA 13 screenshots. Now we are proud to present you the first FIFA 13 Wii U Screenshots.

The Wii U version of the most well known soccer game got a huge update from the last Wii versions. It looks almost as good as the PS3/Xbox 360/PC versions. I think the platforms just mentioned will have a huge competitor not only on FIFA 13 but also on the games that will be released from now on. The only thing that may drive players crazy may be the Wii U touch controller that was criticized by most of the fans.

For now we don't have many more informations about the Wii U version of FIFA 13 or if it will have something more to offer than the other platforms. We may get some more updates from EA in the next few days on the Wii U version and my bet is that FIFA 13 may sell more copies than FIFA 12 sold on the old Wii.

Here is a gallery of 15 screenshots from FIFA 13 on Wii U:

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Are you ready to play ball?

Written by Brodie on Friday, 06 April 2012 15:04.

If you're one of those people who love sports AND gaming, and just wanted to combine the two together, this is the game you would get. Although the story isn't so great, (Since it's a game about sports, I'll be a little lenient), the amount of characters, fields, and how each and every one of them look great, this game deserves more attention than it originally got. Again, storywise, it's not so great. I give the story a 3/5.
Characters ranging from Mario, the head of the show, Bowser, the big bad turtle with the attitude to rule, to King K. Rool, the boss of a Donkey Kong game from yesteryears. 4/5.
Gameplay, as in graphics, realistics (lenience again, being as it is a Mario game), and the will to return to the game, 5/5.
Stadiumwise, 5/5. You have Mario's classic baseball stadium from Mario Baseball for the Gamecube, an addition of, my favorite, Luigi's mansion, from the game of the same title, also for the gamecube. Not to mention a stadium that actually matches Wario's personality, a high traffic city field (Not safe for humans.)
Altogether, one of my favorite Mario Spinoffs.
Overall 17/20.

Disney Unveals Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Written by igcompany on Wednesday, 04 April 2012 19:22.

After several info's leaked online Disney decided to unveal the game 'Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion'.

The game is kind of a tribute to another classic: 'Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse'. The Disney characters will discover a fabolous world in the Castle of Illusion and Wasteland.

Screenshots to follow.

Press release:

Disney Epic Mickey Paints Its Way to the Nintendo 3DS System with “Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion”

Reality is What You Paint of It as Player Illustrations Come to Life in 3D

BURBANK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Disney Interactive Media Group today announced the development of “Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion,” the first Nintendo 3DS title in the “Disney Epic Mickey” franchise. The title features an interactive combination of painting, dual screen integration and 3D transformation capabilities designed to give players the unique ability to create objects and even characters they can place in the world of Wasteland.

In “Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion,” Reality is What You Paint of It. The game offers a special drawing and painting function that allows players to create rough versions of objects that magically transform into classic Disney-style 2D illustrations. Utilizing the game’s unparalleled dual screen integration, players then move their creations to the top screen where they are further transformed into full-color, fully-rendered 3D visuals.

Paying tribute to the classic Sega Genesis title “Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse,” “Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion” focuses on the fabled Castle of Illusion, which has fallen into Wasteland, an alternate world filled with 80 years of forgotten Disney characters and theme park attractions – and now forgotten video games. The evil witch Mizrabel, villainess from the classic “Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse,” finds herself an unwilling inhabitant of Wasteland, and unleashes a plot to escape using the Castle of Illusion to imprison and drain the cartoon essence from currently famous Toons. Players will take on the role of Mickey Mouse as he utilizes his magical brush to wield paint and thinner to confront Mizrabel and save the Toons.

“The original ‘Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse’ changed the face of video gaming by allowing players to play as Mickey Mouse in a side-scrolling adventure full of dynamic environments,” said Warren Spector, vice president and creative director, Junction Point. “We’re honored to be able to pay tribute to this classic video game by creating a title that truly takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, putting the magic of Disney and the historic Castle of Illusion in the palm of your hands.”

The game is set to be released during this year's fall on Nintendo 3DS.

The Last Story Pre-Launch Trailer

Written by igcompany on Monday, 06 February 2012 16:24.

The Last Story is created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and is going to be released in Europe exclusively on Wii from february 24th.

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