Dewy's Adventure Preview (Wii)

Written by igcompany on Monday, 14 June 2010 14:28.

Game Information

From the same creator of the acclaimed Eledees, Dewy?s Adventure is yet another compelling and unique Wii title from Konami. It?s set in a world where pure water and green forests have flourished and which once enjoyed centuries of peace and prosperity under the careful watch of the Elder Tree.

However, the evil Don Hedron has seized control of the Elder Tree and transformed the land into a gloomy world smothered by Black Water. Using the last of its remaining power, the Elder Tree created a small droplet of water, Dewy, and granted it the power of the elements with the hope that it could eradicate the Black Water and restore peace to the world.

Using the Wii-Remote, players must tilt the controller to slide Dewy around the landscape and also use the remote to alter the landscape and change the weather effects. Dewy can change from his droplet of water into a block of ice or a cloud to then crash into or zap with lightning the enemies that come at him.

When prompted, shaking the remote will instigate an earthquake and waving it around will create a wind storm, effects that are also vital for players to make progress. There is also an edit mode that players can use to create their own levels before sharing with their friends via WiiConnect plus there is a multiplayer mode.

Dewy?s Adventure is cute and colourful, but is unlike anything else out there for the Wii ? something that should guarantee its success.

  • Innovative gameplay and use of Wii remote
  • Tilt controller to slide Dewy around levels
  • Shake controller to activate other effects
  • Change to a cloud and ice to attack enemies
  • Up to four players with multiplayer games

Castlevania Judgment Preview (Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 13 June 2010 16:55.

Game Information

The first Castlevania title for Nintendo Wii is a dramatic step away from the classic platform action fans have come to expect - this is a 3D one-on-one fighting game that brings together the many generations of heroic vampire hunters as well as Dracula's most formidable allies in a battle to the death!

It's no surprise that with such a rich history of characters to choose from thanks to the sheer number of previous Castlevania titles, each of the 14 characters players can choose from have many unique attributes and fighting styles that require mastering. Whether players choose Simon Belmont, the legendary vampire hunter or Dracula himself, moves, techniques and strategies differ greatly depending on their choice of fighter.

The 3D battle arenas will be familiar to fans of the games and also offer the chance to interact with the surroundings. The familiar candelabra-style power ups can be broken to reveal boosts or used as weapons themselves and the cleverly designed arenas offer further challenges as they can be used to differ attacks and battle strategies.

Players can duel against a friend offline or online and there are a variety of single player modes to work through. 'Castle Mode' gives users the chance to unlock costumes and items as they wander through rooms defeating enemies, 'Survival Mode' will test the stamina of any player as they attempt to stave off as many enemies as they can before dying and as well as the 'Arcade' and 'Story Modes', there's a full 'Tutorial Mode' to ease players into the game with minimum fuss.

  • First ever 3D Castlevania Fighting game
  • 14 fighters featuring classic Castlevania characters
  • Characters designed by famous Manga artist Takeshi Obata
  • Connect with Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS) to unlock special items
  • Head-to-head Battles via Wi-Fi connectivity

Frogger Returns Preview (Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 13 June 2010 16:44.

Game Information

Frogger Returns takes the heart-pounding challenge of arcade Frogger and takes it into the next dimension! Classic top-down 2D gameplay is updated with colourful 3D graphics, a new perspective, all-new levels, new enemies and game-changing power-ups to dodge and use! Local multiplayer lets you race a friend to victory.

  • Enhanced graphics. Classic Frogger gameplay gets a brand new look.
  • All-new levels. Four stages take the original journey of Frogger from highway to home through an all-new adventure.
  • Multiple gameplay modes. Attack your top scores, race against the clock, or just get Frogger to his home pad. Play how you like!
  • New bosses and tactics. New enemies and power-ups change up your strategy.
  • Play with a friend! Local multiplayer lets you race a friend.

Eledees Preview (Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 13 June 2010 16:39.

Game Information

Mysterious and tiny creatures, the Eledees have been the source of the world?s power for the past 10,000 years. In the game world, there are no such things as gas, coal, or nuclear power. Instead, there are many different breeds of Eledees, each with their own unique look and personality. While humans and Eledees have always lived in harmony, these friendly beings love to cause trouble, and it?s up to players to track them down and put an end to their mischief.

Embracing the unique functionality of the Wii and Nunchuk controllers, the game will allow players to interact with their environment in all-new ways as they search for the power-generating creatures. Using the futuristic devices, players can push, pull, lift and throw anything they come across to discover secret hiding places and obstruct escape paths for the Eledees. Each location gets progressively illuminated as the errant Eledees are collected, with lights gradually coming on and power restored as more and more are found.

The Wii game also enjoys a very open play system which encourages players to devise their own strategy to round up the stray power sources, using stealth to sneak up on them or creating noise to scare them out of concealed areas. As players capture Eledees and harness their power-generating abilities, numerous options and additional opportunities unfold to find even more Eledees in the ever-changing environment.

A new Edit Mode allows users to create levels which can be passed on to friends via WiiConnect24. There is also a Multi-Player mode that allows up to four players to compete simultaneously and created stages can also be shared within this. Finally, an Album Mode allows users to take pictures during the game, which can then be sent to friends via Nintendo?s Wii Connect service.

  • A unique and amazing new twist on hide and seek
  • Hundreds of Eledees to hunt and find
  • Interact with any object in the environment
  • Create your own levels in the edit mode
  • Four player simultaneous gameplay

Dance on Broadway Preview(Wii)

Written by igcompany on Sunday, 13 June 2010 13:02.

Dance on Broadway box



Play together or compete for the spotlight. All you need to play is a Wii-mote.


Dance, act and sing along to 20 of Broadway's Biggest Performances including:

All that jazz -- Chicago
Roxie -- Chicago
Time wrap -- Rocky Horror Pictures Show
Cabaret -- Cabaret
Money, money -- Cabaret
Dreamgirls -- Dreamgirls
One night only -- Dreamgirls
Luck be a Lady -- Guys and Dolls
We're in the money -- 42nd Street
Lullaby of Broadway -- 42nd Street
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious -- Mary Poppins
You Can’t Stop the Beat -- Hairspray
My favorite things -- Sound of Music
Bend & snap -- Legally Blonde
What you want -- Legally Blonde
Little Shop of Horrors -- Little Shop of Horrors
Aquarius – sunshine medley -- Hair
Fame -- Fame
Good Morning Baltimore -- Hairspray
Just can't wait to be king -- Lion King

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