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Written by igcompany on 27 December 2011.

Game Information

Oops! takes the popular 'Island' series in a new direction, that focuses on entertaining mini games and an unique reward system. Boasting 100 fun, bite-sized games players design their own avatar and will then put it through its paces in Oops!'s many - often bizarre - challenges. Up to four players can compete as they attempt to avoid being bitten by a shark, spot which items have been moved or changed in a cunning 'Spot the Difference' challenge, or risk pulling ropes hanging from a ceiling - some of which give rewards, some of which bring all manner or nastiness tumbling from above!

Other challenges include using the Wii Remote to fill a balloon as quickly as possible using the relevant motions, heading bombs towards opponents, dancing with a monkey, and even playing the part of a pin at the end of a bowling alley and desperately attempting to evade the oncoming ball!

As befits a game that is built on bizarre humour elements, Oops! also ensures that players are rewarded for excellent performances, or punished for doing badly. If a player loses a round, their avatar will be forced to don a silly costume or have their faces painted or buckets of ink (or worse!) dropped on them, geeing them up to perform better next time. The ink, costumes, etc, also remain on the avatar for the length of the competition - adding further humiliation if a player does particularly badly...

Hudson Soft enjoys a good reputation for fun, party-orientated games, and Oops! shows them at their very best. With 100 fun games - no two the same - Wii owners can look forward to a summer of madness when Oops! makes its debut!

Game Facts
Genre: Sports
Release-Date: Out now!
Players: 1-4
Age Rating: Minimum Age: 3

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