Medal of Honor European Assault

Written by Blackjack on Saturday, 19 September 2009 14:14.

Commend my platoon, which consists of three soldiers. I hear the bullets flying around me and see how men fall dead from the non-ending hail of bullets from the Germans. Now and then I venture to my crate to come from behind to try to hit a German, but it is difficult. It was a cold night and we write the year 1942. I, William Holt, serving with the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, "then me with my squad from our live show to save this French city, but it does not look good ... Will you play me like this could get uncomfortable situation?

Once you've started the game you're greeted by a menu that was created in an old style. You can compare with old films, where those lines by the constant screen. This taste the atmosphere of the game immediately and you will surely want to some Germans in the pan to cut. This atmosphere remains constantly present. Before you begin a level you really see from the WWII movie that tells what happened there, this is also back in the game. If you are in a mission in Russia and is told in advance that people really had no chance against the Germans, but they still wanted to defend their territory. In this level you get, therefore, instead of soldiers, armed civilians on the road.

The single player campaign is only a mode where you and William Holt fighting the German troops will go. You play in four areas during WWII actually fought, namely (in order) France, North Africa, Russia and Belgium. Each of these areas comprises a number of missions in which there are eleven.
The goals of the missions start at a given time to be monotonous.
You have a mission when you start a headline and two sub-goals. The main objective will often "blow this or that" or "find a way out". The sub-goals are usually 'death a senior SS officer' (which are stronger than other soldiers) and 'find secret documents ". While you play you get there with sub-goals that you can play to get an extra life. The main goal you should try to achieve the sub-goals do not and while you can also decide in which order you play them. For example you can look for a number of important documents, or continue on the same objective and that one missile blowing.

If you've played one level you will, depending on the number of sub-goals that you've played.
Have you managed to accomplish such goals all you get the gold medal.
You might think that this is a function. But no, there are no unlockables in the game so you really just a fictional medal is the sub-missions to do.

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