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Active Life: Magical Carnival

Grab your friends & family to experience a virtual theme park like no other with ACTIVE LIFE: MAGICAL CARNIVAL™! Explore an array of vividly imagined carnival attractions including haunted houses, a lively circus tent, a pirate ship on the high-seas, a colorful parade and exciting fantasy zone. A veritable thrill-ride of activities will keep you moving as you tame lions, steer pirate ships, explore haunted houses, ride a flying carpet and much more.

  • Over 20 action-packed attractions
  • A slew of multi-player modes makes it fun for everyone:
    o   Party at the Park mode lets up to 10 players play in a series of individual or team-based activities that gives everyone a chance to get in on the action
    o   Dream Attraction modes allows up to 4 players play through dozens of themed carnival attractions including a: Circus, Parade, Horror, Pirate and Fantasy attractions
    o   Free Play mode lets you dive right into individual attractions quickly
    o   Let’s Go Out mode lets you invite a friend to the carnival in a two-player party
  • Multiple difficulty options to cater to all skill levels
  • Dozens of themed carnival attractions including a: Circus, Parade, Horror, Pirates & Fantasy
  • Send an invite to a Mii™ on your Mii Plaza and engage with someone special


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Explore A Fun-Filled Island Paradise!

Welcome to Kawawii Island, a paradise vacation destination with dozens of exciting activities for the entire family! Check in from the comfort of your own home and explore the island at your own pace, taking in the snow, sun, city, beach, and more, all on one island.

Want to explore the island? Go horseback riding around the mountain, ride jet-skis along the beach, or just take a long car ride on the island. Embark on thrilling adventures like sky diving, surfing, and white water rafting or grab your friends and family for some relaxing miniature golf, horseback riding, or fishing.

Go Vacation encourages parents and kids to participate together with simple gameplay, multiple challenges, and hours of fun for the whole family! There’s never a dull moment when you Go Vacation!

  • The Ultimate Family Vacation Spot – There are exciting activities for up to four players spread out all across the island. Explore all the locations to experience four seasons of fun activities all on one island
  • More than sports – In addition to Kawawii Island’s large selection of recreational and extreme sports, you can build your own villa and bring your pet dog along to play in activities.
  • It’s a Real Vacation – All the fun and relaxation and none of the planning required... Snap photos of the island and partake in the resort lifestyle anytime you need a break
  • Many Ways to Play – Activities on Kawawii Island support the Wii MotionPlus™, Wii Zapper™ accessory, and Wii BalanceBoard™ for more advanced ways to play! (*Wii MotionPlus accessory sold separately.)
  • Jam Packed with Fun – More activities than you’ll know what to do with ~ Ride jet skis, race cars, play beach volleyball, hang glide, fish, surf, scuba dive, skate, snowboard, miniature golf, sky dive, horseback riding, play carnival games, and much more

Power Rangers™ Samurai Game Info(PSP)

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Go Go Samurai!
A new generation of Power Rangers is here for the Nintendo Wii™ & DS™! Practice the ancient Symbols of Samurai Power, activate your Spin Swords and become your favorite Samurai Ranger! Use your special powers & weapons to battle the evil forces of the Netherworld. Employ teamwork to join forces with your fellow Rangers and activate the Samurai Megazord for epic boss battles! Rangers Together, Samurai Forever! Power Rangers Samurai video games for Nintendo Wii™ & DS™ - Coming Holiday 2011.

  • Protect the World From Evil! – Join the new generation of Power Rangers to master the mystical and ancient Samurai Symbols of Power which give you control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest, and Earth!
  • Armed For Battle! – Use your Samuraizer (DS Stylus, Wii Remote™) to master the symbols and morph into Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or Pink Ranger, then use your Fire Smasher, HydroBow, Forest Spear, Earth Slicer, or Sky Fan to battle hordes of Nighlok monsters.
  • Teamwork – Martial arts training and fitness combined with team-based battles teaches the importance of working together, friendship, & responsibility to battle armies of evil & overcome tough challenges.
  • Samurai Power Up! – Unlock secret passageways, access hidden items, and get power to defeat the armies of evil while collecting enough Zord discs to activate the Samurai Megazord needed to take down the MegaMonster once and for all.
  • Samurai Megazord, We Are United! – Engage in exciting boss battles against Nighlok MegaMonsters by combining your animal Zords to form the giant Samurai Megazord!

ExerBeat™ Game Info(PSP)

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Bring the Fitness Club to Your Living Room!

Ever used the following excuses? "I’m too busy to go to the gym!" "How can I find time to work out when I have kids?" "I hate dieting!" "If only I could have fun working out with my family at home." ExerBeat is a rhythm-based fun fitness game for people of all ages who want to stay in good health. With 155 exercises and a variety of menu options, ExerBeat makes working out easy and fun!

Compatible With the Following Accessories:

  • Wii Balance Board
  • Wii MotionPlus

Something for everyone– Friends and family members can find something they like with 155 exercises covering 8 categories of popular exercise routines including: Hip Hop, Latin Dance, Aerobics, Boxercising, Karate, Karate Forms, Yoga/Pilates and Stretching. There are even Party Fitness exercises for the kids!

Easy and accessible workouts– Players can enjoy each exercise by following easy-to-understand instructions as they move their body and Wii Remote™ to the rhythm. The number of calories burned as well as METs (intensity of the workout) are displayed for each exercise. Players can even create a personal workout program instantly by specifying “problem areas” to work on, and setting the length of their workouts and workout goals.

Dedicated instructors– The instructors give helpful insight and exercise tips, making you feel like you’re working out with a real live trainer!

Fun for the whole family!– Friends and family members can compete for the highest score per exercise, whether by simultaneously playing side-by-side, or comparing results on ranking boards. For long-term competitive play, there’s the race to complete Around the World mode (where your Mii™ travels around the globe based on your workout progress) as well as comprehensive graphs and calendars to keep track of the entire family’s progress! There’s even a special set of kid-oriented exercises in Party Fitness to get the youngest of players involved!

Fun fitness everyday– With a variety of menu options including one-day only exercise challenges, Around the World mode and Weekly Challenges, keeping up a healthy lifestyle has never been more fun!

PAC-MAN Party™ Game Info(PSP)

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Celebrate PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary with PAC-MAN Party™ !

Face off against 4 of PAC-MAN’s classic foes on 3 unique boards in an incredible array of mini-games ranging from competitive eating to cannon blasts! Colonize each board with castles and anyone foolish enough to step on your grounds will face you in a mini-battle! But remember to keep your eyes peeled for Special Tiles and Power Cookies--they’ll alter the board and mini-games!

Brand new party game that’s fun and engaging for the entire family – Jump into mini-games and challenges designed for up to 4 players, geared for all ages. Players use their skills and reflexes to compete against one another as they move about several unique virtual game boards. Includes both cooperative and competitive challenges. Features more than 45 exciting mini-games – Play fun filled time-based trials based on themes such as racing, eating, or even rolling a giant snowball…Knock your friends off a mountain top or test your skills in adventures requiring precision and endurance such as curling, tennis, and golfing challenges.

Three modes of play:

Story Mode – Explore all the game board worlds and meet new characters.

Mini-Game Mode – A quick fix for those wanting the sudden rush of competition.

Party Mode – A more in-depth party experience that has up to four friends traveling across different themed boards in a race to collect the most points.

Strategic gameplay – Strategically build and develop property on any given space to increase wealth. Utilize Power Cookies to help level the playing field and encourage big comebacks, these can be unleashed to increase a characters size or put extra force and speed behind each movement.

Added bonus – Includes the original arcade versions of PAC-MAN®, Galaga® and Dig-Dug®.

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