Playstation 4: How is it going Sony?

Written by igcompany on 20 June 2012.

There have been going on a lot of rumours lately. Many of them talked about a 2013 release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox 720. And now our question comes in: How is it going Sony? Have you been working on the new console? If you did for how long? And of course, when is it going to be released?

Now i know we won't get any official response for those questions but one official statement regarding the upcoming console from Sony has been made at the E3 convention, about two weeks ago, when a Sony official told the press that they don't have any intention to rush things up. They prefer to take their time and release a perfect console later rather than release it sooner and to be a very buggy one.

I like their ideea but if we take a look at the release dates for the last three Playstation consoles, we can see a six years difference. The first Playstation has been released in 1994. Six years later in 2000 the Playstation 2 came up. Then in 2006 the third version, which is still the latest console from Sony has been released. Of course we had the Playstation 3 Slim in 2009 but it can't be categorized as a major release.

Playstation 3

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So if we are looking at the years we should get a new console from Sony later this year. But is hard to believe that the release date for Playstation 4 will be set somewhere in the fall of 2012 since we didn't get any official updates on this except for the one we just wrote.

Microsoft is keeping the secret good as well and there aren't much official news about the Xbox 720 as well. But in Microsoft's case we might see the Xbox 720 getting released in 2013.

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