Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Cheats(Xbox360)

Written by igcompany.

Classic Balrog Jab, Right, Left(2), Right, Jab
Classic Blanka Jab, Left, Right(3), Jab
Classic Cammy Jab, Up(2), Down(2), Jab`
Classic Chun-Li Jab, Down(3), Up, Jab
Classic Dee Jay Jab, Down(2), Up(2), Jab
Classic Dhalsim Jab, Down, Up(3), Jab
Classic E. Honda Jab, Up(3), Down, Jab
Classic Fei Long Jab, Left(2), Right(2), Jab
Classic Guile Jab, Up, Down(3), Jab
Classic Ken Jab, Left(3), Right, Jab
Classic M. Bison Jab, Down, Up(2), Down, Jab
Classic Ryu Jab, Right(3), Left, Jab
Classic Sagat Jab, Up, Down(3), Up, Jab
Classic T. Hawk Jab, Right(2), Left(2), Jab
Classic Vega Jab, Left, Right(2), Left, Jab
Classic Zangief Jab, Left, Right(3), Jab

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