WII Fit Plus and the Nintendo Wii Price drop

Written by Sylvia on 06 October 2009.

WHAT?!?!??!?!?! I didn't believe it until I walked in Game Stop the other day and the clerk recommended I buy the $199 console with the game. It actually is a pretty good deal even though I am not a Wii fan. The price of the console before was breaching over $250. It came with the console itself and the popular "wii sports". Now with this new bundle going on is staring my personal theory to get even MORE sense. Are Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft starting another console war? but this time the 3 companies will square off head to head on their most prized gaming products on the "Most Price - Dropped Game System". Heck, it could set up a world record. But of course big time companies like them are too busy to listen what a teenager on a blog is saying. Wii Fit Plus, never was something I smiled to kindly on. I had alot of personal contriversey against it. Because basically who exactly in the right mind of all self need would spend $100 on a piece of white plastic where one stands on to have a video game make fun of their physical weight? Now I am NOT trying to offend anyone, but merely expressing my opinion to who ever may be reading this. Now you can go on and buy the console game bundle yourself and try to understand my logic. The "Plus" part of the game's title must give us all a clue that this game includes newer editions to "Wii Fit" it must include new jogging maps or something but do not take my word for it, talk to a "Wii Fit expert" or a gaming critic. Well I'm about done on this topic so in general:



:) have fun "wii - ing"

by the way.....NO PICTURE!!!



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