GTA V Confirmed for Spring 2013. Pre-Orders start next week.

Written by igcompany on Tuesday, 30 October 2012 16:32.

Just a quick post to let you know that we've been right with the launch date for GTA V. After there were several rumors and pictures about the release date for GTA V, Rockstar has finally confirmed the release date for GTA V for somewhere in the spring of 2013!

And the screen they have posted makes you think further than the period when the game will be launched ... makes you think about summer!

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Rockstar to announce GTA V release date in November

Written by igcompany on Wednesday, 24 October 2012 16:35.

Rockstar Games just posted a new artwork (the first official artwork actually) about GTA V and a short description: 'lots of info coming next month'.

Well we already knew that there will be some big announcement in the next few weeks but now we got the official confirmation. We will probably see a release date for the game and a few new screenshots/videos, maybe even a video gameplay footage. This announcement makes us think that GTA V will be released somewhere in the spring of 2013, March or April to be more specific.

It was about time if we look at the release timeline of Grand Theft Auto games. There are around four years between them but between GTA IV and GTA V there will be a difference of five years in terms of release date.

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Rockstar keeps building up the tension for GTA V

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 11 October 2012 19:13.

As we are used already, Rockstar knows how to promote their products. There is around a year now since we have seen the first official trailer for GTA V. Now Rockstar simply posted on their official website this picture:

Rockstar GTA V Logo

This picture has been posted by a journalist who has been invited to Rockstar's headquarters in New York City to check out Grand Theft Auto V.

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Two new official GTA V screenshots

Written by igcompany on Thursday, 12 July 2012 14:16.

This just in...

Rockstar Games released an article in which they responded to a few questions for their fans. The staff replied to a few questions related to Max Payne 3.

A fan answered why Rockstar doesn't give more news about GTA V.

Well in my opinion they are waiting for the buzz to set up and they will be throwing a screenshot every now and then to create an even bigger buzz. This is a marketing strategy and it's very good for the preorders ... whenever they will be available.

Rockstar replied to that question by saying that they really care about their fans but they don't have pretty much to say about the game since it is in the making and they do not want to give bad informations to the public. However they felt that the pressure is huge from the public so they released two exclusive screenshots. Actually they are the first screenshots for GTA V since the announcement trailer came up.

So until now the official content we have on GTA V are the announcement trailer and the following screenshots.

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Rockstar - Strange GTA V News Policy

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 30 June 2012 09:51.

In an earlier article we announced that Rockstar should release some news regarding GTA V in the next few months. But that's what a Rockstar official said in February. It's the end of June and still no news about GTA V exept that announcement trailer we got last year.

But something strange happened in the meanwhile. A Grand Theft Auto fan posted a message on the official GTA forums regarding the so expected GTA V news. He asked Rockstar why aren't they releasing any new updates on GTA Vand if they were lying about it. And the response came from a Rockstar official and he said there are no new updates for now but by saying 'in the next few months' they meant it could pass more than 8 months until future GTA V updates and that developing a game takes a little over 4 years. GTA IV was released in April 2008 for consoles and December 2008 for PC. Does that mean we are getting closer to the GTA V release as we hinted and Rockstar is just letting the fans to create the buzz and then release the news in the last weeks of GTA V development?

Here is a screenshot of the conversation between the GTA fan and a guy from the Rockstar Support team:

GTA V Support

What do you think about Rockstar's GTA V news policy? Do you think it's the time that they should release some news?

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