Thorgal - Curse of Atlantis Game Info(PC)

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 14:08.


Step through a portal between worlds, and discover the path that will lead you to your final destiny.

Take on the role of Thorgal, a mighty Viking warrior and decendent of Atlantis who uncovers a magical artifact which allows him to see his own future.

Caught between reality and a prophetic vision, Thorgal discovers a foretold future of a horrific incident that will end the life of his beloved son. In a desperate attempt to alter the destiny of his child, Thorgal sets off on an incredible adventure where mystery, danger and magic will unfold.

Main features

  • A perfect blend of adventure and action with unequaled 3D graphics and fluid animation.
  • Engaging and challenging quests to complete.
  • Interact with numerous intriguing characters.
  • Thorgal-0
    • Thorgal-1
      • Thorgal-2

The New Adventure of the Time Machine Game Info(PC)

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 14:07.


The New Adventures of the Time Machine, is an adaptation of one of the most fantastic and well-read adventures in literature.

Enter the adventure, inspired by the work of H.G. Wells, and explore time travel, as you face perilous situations and interesting characters. Your challenge is to struggle to survive against the forces of time.

There is only one Being capable of restoring the balance of time and only one Being who can help you find your own time again - a mythical being, a Demi-God, The Master of the Hourglass: Khronos.

Main features

  • Keyboard controls allow for precise movement of the hero.
  • Real time 3D animation in stunning pre-rendered sets using the new Warp technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence gives each character unique quality, governing the characters' behavior and introduces a sense of life and random direction of the game.
  • The hero of the game changes ages as he travels through the time storms influencing the scenarios, interactions with other characters and the gameplay.
  • An intriguing story that will capture the imagination
  • Engaging original music
  • Hours and hours of challenging game play
  • The New Adventure of the Time Machine -0
    • The New Adventure of the Time Machine -1
      • The New Adventure of the Time Machine -2

The mystery of the Nautilus Game Info(PC)

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 14:03.


Inspired by “20,000 Leagues under the sea”

21st century, under the sea, somewhere…

During a scientific assignment, a young oceanographer enters into a strange type of submarine hidden on an undersea rock shelf. The vessel turns out to be the famous Nautilus which was abandoned a great many years earlier by its Captain, Nemo.

You are immediately plunged into a timeless adventure… as you explore every hidden corner of the Nautilus and solve its puzzles so that you may share Captain Nemo’s fantastic story, and all the secrets of this famous vessel…

Main features

  • An original scenario based on the most famous of Jules Verne’s novels, “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”, which offers previously unknown details about Captain Nemo, his death, and about the origins of the Nautilus.
  • A fantasy atmosphere supported by the superb graphics inspired by 19th century engravings and the presence of the book’s main characters: the Nautilus, Nemo, the giant octopus, etc…
  • A new graphics engine that enable “photo-realistic” modeling of 360° subjective backgrounds for both natural and complete immersion into the adventure.
  • A game in the great tradition of Cryo tradition of Cryo adventures (Atlantis) with puzzles, riddles, and a completely 3D environment.
  • The mystery of the Nautilus-0
    • The mystery of the Nautilus-1
      • The mystery of the Nautilus-2

The Empire of Ants Game Info(PC)

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 14:02.


This game of strategy and management, from the novel of Bernard Werber, plunges you in a way seizing in the brutal universe and surprising ants.

Combat without pity, stock management, life of the anthill: be carefull, after having begun this attractive game you are likely not to look at the reality in the same way more.

Main features

  • A time real integral 3D, multiple angles of camera, zoom before and back.
  • An artificial intelligence out of the commun run restoring perfectly the instinct of each insect.
  • A faithful reproduction of more than 60 species of insects and different animals.
  • From 1 to 8 players in network.
  • The Empire of Ants-0
    • The Empire of Ants-1
      • The Empire of Ants-2

The Earth Game Info(PC)

Written by igcompany on Friday, 27 January 2012 13:59.


Earth: an educational software with ludic dimension to discover and include/understand the planet.

Endorse the role of a scientist specialist in cataclysms and move you towards the significant places of sphere in order to bring your expertise.

Admire closely a volcanic eruption, find you in the middle of an earthquake, follow the rapid progression of a tornado ! Study angers of the Earth thanks to many realistic apparatuses (seismographs, magnetometers…), and look further into your knowledge, without breaking the rhythm of the adventure, thanks to the encyclopaedic base included on the CD-ROM.

Realized with the assistance of the ministry for National Education, Research and Technology. With the Participation of the National Center of the Cinematography and Secretariat of State in Industry.

Main features

  • Ludic and scientific missions based on the comprehension of three great natural disasters to understand the operation and the structure of the ground.
  • An interface simple and accessible to young people.
  • A simple encyclopaedic base and supplements on Sciences of the accessible Earth permanently.
  • Use of real scientific methods: sampling, statements of data weather…

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