Wolfenstein Review

Written by Blackjack on Saturday, 10 October 2009 13:41.

Wolfenstein has always been a series of days that a futuristic twist on the Second World War throws tough action where a drop of blood more or less an obstacle. In 1992 Wolfenstein 3D was the game that the first-person shooter genre popular, but will the new Wolfenstein show how brutal the setting and coarseness of the series actually is?

Wolfenstein walks the familiar path of the series and is set in 1943, right in the Second World War. Himmler and his SS to the dark forces of Black Sun and get those forces people to switch between the real world and an alternative universe, The Veil. There are several forces are working in The Veil and this is one of the main straight game elements from Wolfenstein. It is not just blown shoot in this alternative history.

The Veil The forces are thus complementary to the first clash of arms and force you to choose you get is the ability to travel to The Veil. In this world you quickly see your enemies better and you can disable enemies by destroying their spirits floating around. As the game progresses you get more power and the story of the game revolves around the search for these dark forces and stopping the Nazis in this quest.

The action part in Wolfenstein is really great contrast. The shooting, the action and the impact of the bullets in the many Nazis make this game so bold to play that you can not wait to see the story again to save and continue to pop. The game looks good and although the graphics a bit nicer had liked, the action will ensure that you quickly forget the little mistakes.

Wolfenstein's strength lies in the brutality. Even the 'ordinary' weapons work great and the result of a well-aimed bullet to the opponents is fantastic to see. Shoot a Nazi in his head and a gaping gunshot wound will result. All weapons through a dealer to upgrade and complete the game later in the game you also can destroy limbs of adversaries.
The control of the game feels like the Call of Duty series. This course is not a weakness, because that series has proven plenty. Movement is good, focus is not too fast nor too slow and everything just feels good. Drawback is still the AI, which sometimes is asleep. A beheading is a good punishment for not observant characters.

Wolfenstein brings what to bring. Tough action with limbs flying ears, cool superpowers, fat monster weapons that have fatter sample to upgrade all in a nice bloody sauce. Of course the game is not perfect. The a.i. has occasionally cures, the story is not interesting and the graphics it's no wonder child. But the action is so good and so addictive that you forget all the negative points during the action and in addition you can also pop the hard multiplayer. This game is worth a thick 8 and that he will also.

Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Review

Written by Blackjack on Saturday, 03 October 2009 16:24.

In Pacific Assault play with Tommy Conlin, a perfectly normal boy who is trained by the Navy and eventually one of the most specialized teams from the U.S. army will arrive. For the first time in a Medal of Honor game you hear the main character actually talk, what might alter this by identifying with the protagonist, but you are doing more in life in his situation. Of course you stand in Pacific Assault is not just for you and a number of reliable and steadfast comrades around you. The characters in the cutscenes of any depth provided by Tommy in diary form his experience with the player to share. This just gives you more feeling with the people around you.

Pacific Assault starts with the arrival of Tommy on Pearl Harbor. By a happy driver, you are led to your ship, but before the arrival hell breaks loose. The attack on Pearl Harbor is pretty much the Allied Assault Omaha Beach is truly sublime developed. When the Japanese planes in the sky appear, are some terrifying minutes, the driver where you post your still trying to conduct. Meanwhile, the missiles fly to your ears, everywhere you see people die and majestic large ship is shot to pieces. This cinematic experience is further supported by a heroic music in the background, so you really feel your heart gets an interactive film about the attack on Pearl Harbor to imagine.

After this nerve-racking start the game drops something and you get the standard training missions you choose. Fortunately there is a rapidly gone through the exercises and sometimes even find some useful presentations. So you get to know the healing system of Pacific Assault. Unlike Allied Assault Pacific Assault is the cure not medkits and other tangible goodies regularly, but you get the medic to heal your team. You can an x number of times per mission to use the services of the best man at the time of healing are also inactive as fighting is concerned. Even if you 'die' it is possible to be cured, though this must be done within a certain time. Once you 'dead' are, the image is blurred and you hear the sounds around it into a kind of echo. The medic comes at you, give you a prick and slowly distorted the image of itself that you're used to.

Pacific Assault is generally harder and less than Allied Assault on the Rambo-oriented playing style. If you like a Kamikaze pilot run on the pitch goes, you will not stand long and the Japanese opponents are not you willing to provide an early death. To survive and successfully conclude your missions, you must make good use of the environment and a moderate approach often works better than a full blown attack. The Japanese make clever use of the objects present and often hidden to make, so from one covered position to take you under fire.

FIFA 2005 Review

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 26 September 2009 21:51.


THE BEST FIFA EVER! And i don't say that just because this game has a great gameplay and graphics for one made in 2004. I say this because this game has a gameplay and graphics a lot over the other games from the FIFA series released till 2004 and in my opinion the most impressive gameplay and feeling of all the FIFA games released till now.

FIFA 2005 The players are entering the stadium

The gameplay is maybe the best thing at this game. The players are moving pretty good with no silly depossesings like in FIFA 08 (when a player after gets deposessed, looks like he steps on something and after that he's making a couple of more steps forward, thing that makes difficult to come back and have the control of the ball again).

The matches are some real shows, the player having the chance to score some piressive goals. The skills of the players don't matter to much, the one who is controlling the players can make the difference and beat a five star team with a half star team.

The difficulty of the game is pretty low, once you've learned the tactics of the game you can win the most of the matches.

The game is pretty attractive, the players making from time to time some cool things with the ball and some great shots, thing that makes the gamer to stay in front of the computer for a long time.

In career the player has access to a lot of interesting and useful options like upgrading staff's skills (from the manager of the forwards, midlefields, breakers and goalkeepers till the medic of the team, fitness, scouter, and the manager of the stadium).

All the members from the staff are important not only the ones who help the players. For example: spending points on the medic will help the players to spend less time being unavailable, spending points on the manager of the stadium will raise the quality of the stadium and in the same time will get you more fans coming at the matches and of course more money and spending points on the scouter will ensure you that you will get the most talented young players.

FIFA 2005 Upgrading

Also this game has the well known options for creating a new player and bonuses for winning a championship, a  cup and much more.


This game has a stable multiplayer. The connection is using the player's IP's. You will not get error messages during gameplay unless the oponent has exited the game before the match end. The multiplayer option guarantees a great time and a great show.


The graphics are really good for a game made in 2004. The faces of many well known players are the same as the ones from the real life. The players are moving pretty real. Like all the other FIFA games the fans are not created that well. They are making the same moves for the whole match and are like some coloured cardboards.

FIFA 2005 Gameplay

A big minus are the nets when the ball enters the gate. This doesn't shake enough when the ball it gets hit by the ball (or it doesn't shake at all). Only at a few goals you can see the net shaking slowly.

The ball's simulation is a pretty good one, the ball getting an impressive path thing that goes to some amazing goals. The pitch is ok ... is not a extraordinary one but it's pretty good.

The shirts looks that are made in Paint but they aren't that important. The ball, the equipments of the players (the boots especially) are done really well, the little details are visible even from a far camera.

Generally the graphics are good, the game being impressive with it's gameplay and graphics and with the options made to help you.
The game is extraordinary if you are looking for a spectacular sports game with an amazing gameplay and amazing graphics without omit tactics then FIFA 2005 is the game you are looking for!
FIFA 2005 is probably the best soccer game from EA Sports the game that combines very well an amazing gameplay with nice graphics.


Medal of Honor Spearhead Review

Written by Blackjack on Saturday, 26 September 2009 20:58.

Allied Assault predecessor was known for the hugely compelling missions. You looked like an interactive version of Saving Private Ryan to sit. This high production values were also used for the Spearhead addon.
In the opening scene of the game you're in an airplane with your fellow soldiers. When the time comes, you jump out your parachute to be received on air guns, German fighter planes along shave ... chaos everywhere! You crash through the roof of an old barn and the inside is full of German soldiers.
In this way the first start of the campaign 3. In total, the whole divided into 9 separate single player levels The first campaign takes place during the invasion of Normandy, but this time do not play in the sand. You are on the line dropped to a bridge to blow so "see dgermains" no reinforcement could get.
The second mission takes place in our own Ardennes on Christmas Eve. The snowy hills and forests provide the ideal setting for one of the brightest single player experience this year. Your captain is injured and you need a medic find as you sprint from trench to trench.
The latest campaign consists of only 2 levels that occur in Berlin. You have to pull the ruined city in search of certain documents. Once you have the paperwork you need a tank back from Berlin
In total there are 12 new multiplayer maps in the addon, 4 maps these, the new game mode "Tug-of-War". In TOW try a number of fixed objectives with your team to complete. The team that wins here eest succeed. An alternative way to victory at the respawn point is to strike and destroy all enemies.
Although the new fashion is big fun to play deathmatch maps 8 and well made.

There are a range of new weapons in the game but ultimately differ almost only in appearance. The Webley revolver of a British soldier, for example in terms of popping identical to the Colt .45 from his American counterpart. Yet it is a nice addition because you are the difference in class and character more clearly and feel while playing. The "Gewehrgranate" from the demo is not the full game. This weapon, Mauser with a grenade launcher, could perhaps be added in a later patch.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Review

Written by Blackjack on Saturday, 26 September 2009 17:16.

Imagine. It is June 6, 1944. Along with thousands of fellow soldiers get you off on a strange beach. The amphibious vehicle of your tailgate opens and immediately fired shots. You see your friends die before your eyes while there is nothing you can do. You run out of the vehicle to take cover before the German troops take your shot.

This is the beginning of one of the many missions in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (mohaa). As you might have by playing this game away at the end of the second world war when the Allies fight against the great German Empire continue. You play Mike Powell, an American lieutenant. In this game you will have more than 30 levels to traverse in 6 exciting missions. You'll have to take against the Germans in areas such as North Africa and occupied France.

Mohaa for the launch already a big name in the games world. The game was pretty much hyped gamer and you could not even find the game had not heard. But it was waiting for mohaa it really worth?

The thing you immediately notice when you begin a game are the graphics. These start with the intro movie and run through until the end of the game. This section is perhaps the most important element in mohaa. The areas where you see you standing there like a real person and there really seems to be no pixeltje wrong. The enemies you will encounter are perfectly put together. As some older games you ever saw one part of the body of your enemies are not quite right, but this is not the case in mohaa.

As with almost every shooter, the sound also mohaa very sharp. So will your ears almost pop when you make a wrong move and your shoes get 44 on a landmine. The sound effects are very good mohaa, but especially into the atmosphere and the realism it.
The music is a bit Mohaa hidden in the background. At least ... at some points in the game. If you are involved in a sniper mission where you'll have to play the music very exciting and a little louder than normal.
The Artificial Intelligence in mohaa is very good. For example, you shoot a guard down and you'd expect the rest of the group is right around the corner is blown with their rifles under their arms, but this did not happen. Instead the soldiers will remain behind the corner to discover that something is free and you wait until the unsuspecting corner perish. At the moment they strike.

All well and good, but the fun is not back in the game once you've played? To be honest that is a little bit about yourself. You should be able to play the game again in a difficult position, but the game also has the option to keep a multiplayer game. Do you have cable internet, this is all well and good, because playing against friends over the Internet is great fun. Do not have cable, then you can always try a small lan network.

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