FIFA Online Beta Review

Written by igcompany on 20 June 2010.

Even from the first play of this game i wasn't that impressed. It looks like a FIFA 10 game a little bit modified. EA needs to do more than that to attract users. For who doesn't know FIFA Online want's to be a FIFA (the game of course) version that can be played only online.

After you install the game for free you must log in into their website and play the big button on the homepage. That button will open the game imediately (you can't start your game by just clicking on it). After your game starts you must pick a team (if this is your first log, otherwise you are going to see your tournament). One strange thing is that if you are choosing to play a tournament you are going to play online with ... a computer. That if you don't choose to play a single game against other player.

The gameplay isn't impressive, the difficulty is very easy. I think is Amateur. You can score about 4 goals at least per game.

Some (but a few) interesting things at this game are that players are getting tired very easy and is harder to pass by the defenders and the menu is changed (yes is strange that the menu is a good thing in this new game by EA Sports but in the last 2 FIFA games the menu had been THE SAME just the colours had been changed).

I would give this game a 10 for the graphics and a 6 gameplay.

As a conclusion let's say this game is still in Beta phase and there is still time to change something. (Let's hope!).

I will let some screenshots to see how this game looks like.

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