FIFA Online Pros and Cons

Written by igcompany on 08 July 2010.

I uninstalled it because i found it usless since i have FIFA 10 and i play it online. But i want to share with you some cons and pros that can help you if you want to decide whether to install it or not.

The gameplay is a pretty good one, the mouse controll isn't that bad it can really help you. The default control when you install the game is the mouse control. You get a small tutorial that teaches you in a couple of minutes (and it does it pretty well) how to use the mouse control.

By playing with the mouse you get the chance to feel the new feature: 360 degrees dribbling. The player follows your pointing and doesn't do sudden moves like we were used.

The menu is a good one. You get all your useful stuffs in a couple of windows withouth to be needed to keep on your screen a lot of features that you don't even use!

You get a chat window(even more) on the main screen, and a chat window when you are playing agains other player.

You get even some lobbyes for (almost) every continent.

So let's get to the point:


#Fresh gameplay, easy to play

#It runs on slower computers

#Easy difficulty (you may find this as a con because you can't change the difficulty, this is given to you by the server)

#Chat windows(many of them)

#A small 1 vs 1 player game with your opponent before you both press the ready button

#360 degrees dribbling when using the mouse


#When playing in career you only get the chance to play agains the computer (i mean why's that when you can do that on the latest FIFA)

#You may have to be needed to buy some extra stuff ...

#Not a pretty different game than FIFA 10 ...

#A lot of features you can get in FIFA 10 expecially that they made a pretty good job with the Online Mod

#Some annoing tacktics

If you have any questions fell free to post a comment

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