Battlefield Heroes Review

Written by igcompany on 19 July 2010.

A new game from EA, this time multiplayer. Looks like their partnership with DICE continues and they made another game
with multiplayer from DICE.
When you first play the game you may have the impression that you are looking at Tom&Jerry. Not because you are being
chased by someone but because of the graphics. Don't think that they are weak, but they are made to look like an entertaining and at the same time to be very funny.
The soundtrack composed expecially for the game features a couple of whistles that fits perfect with the game in wich you must fight with the others.
You can create a new account and then download the client. After that, the client will download the game(586mb). Then you can sign in only through the website, wich will open the game.
You must create a character, create your appereance and then play!
It's a combination of Counter-Strike and Grand Theft Auto. CS because you must shoot the other guys and GTA because it's a 3rd person shooter.
It's very entertaining because it features small maps and you can take a tank or a jeep or even a plane.
There will be 2 teams, every team will have around 8 players. The final score is calculated by the type of the match you are playing. It may be sometimes calculated by the number of fallen soldiers. The starting score is 50 and when the number reaches 0 that team will lose.
Even the graphics may look funny at low details there are fantastic at high details. The gameplay is awesome and beaware it can cause addiction! You have even an "level system". The maximum is 30. You can even buy better weapons by buying BF(the ingame currency) or by buying them with VF(points you earn for playing the game) but by buying with Vf you can only use that product for max 3 days.
You can even a chat and a team chat. You can also make missions wich will give you VF. yaay!

For it's originality and it's gameplay mostly gives the following score to Battlefield Heroes:

Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Feeling: 10/10

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