Battle Fantasia Game Info(Xbox360)

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 30 July 2011 21:46.

Battle Fantasia is a two-player arcade fighting game with jaw dropping visuals and bone crunching beat ‘em up action.

Apart from the fast paced combat and super responsive controls it’s the unique graphics engine used that sets it apart from the rest.

Battle Fantasia is played in two-dimensions but uses three-dimensional polygonal character models cleverly illustrated and lit to emulate 2D style sprites. The result is called ‘2.5D’ and delivers an amazingly fast and fluid fighting game that will satisfy novice players and hardcore fans alike!

With an impressive roster of unique characters each with their own fighting style and special moves, Battle Fantasia sets the standard for PlayStation3 beat ‘em ups.

  • Faithfully recreated from the awesome arcade game
  • Innovative ‘2.5D’ graphics engine for fluid fighting action
  • Unique character roster to play and unlock each with their own special moves
  • 2 player head to head action
  • Battle players all across the world with the head to head online mode.

Backbreaker Game Info(Xbox360)

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 30 July 2011 21:45.

Get in the Game!

Backbreaker is the full-on, 11 vs 11 high-impact American Football title that outruns, outhits and flat-out dominates the American Football games of the past.

It’s a new generation of American Football game for the new generation of fan.

  • Brilliant graphics and advanced AI using the Euphoria Engine (Grand Theft Auto IV and Star Wars Force Unleashed)
  • Easy pick up and play action
  • Split Screen and Online Multiplayer
  • Every hit is unique
  • Extensive team customisation
  • Full exhibition and training modes

Armored Core 4 Game Info(Xbox360)

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 30 July 2011 21:45.

A brand new chapter in the epic Armored Core series is ready for battle on Xbox 360! Prepare for the ultimate fast-paced, high-octane mech simulation in this dazzling action game.

Armored Core 4 exploits the awesome power of Xbox 360 to deliver astounding visuals and eye-watering special effects, including dynamic lighting and shadows, swirling water and mysterious fog. Mech designs benefit from massively more detailed 3D models and the arenas and environments now offer a giant leap in interactivity and detail. Players can also use these interactive features to their advantage.

Multiplayer modes feature heavily in Armored Core 4, with deathmatch games and most importantly, full online support for battling with international players as well as exchanging match data, emblems and even entire robot creations.

With its abundance of features, awesome destructive firepower and fast-paced action, coupled with the incredible level of detail in customising mechs, Armored Core 4 is a sure-fire hardcore action game smash.

  • The ultimate in fast paced high-octane action
  • Exploits the power of Xbox 360 for astounding visuals and special effects
  • Incredible interactivity within new arenas and environments
  • Multiplayer modes including online battle
  • Offline multiplayer: 1 to 2 players
  • Online multiplayer via Xbox LIVE:
  • Co-Op mode: 2 to 10 players
  • System Link mode: 2 to 16 players
  • Multiplayer mode: 2 to 64 players
  • Completely customisable mechs

A-Train HX Game Info(Xbox360)

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 30 July 2011 21:43.

Get ready for the newest entry in the ATrain series: A-Train HX! Now on the Xbox 360! Enjoy realistic and beautiful 3D cityscapes that only the Xbox 360 can provide – all in widescreen HD!

In A-Train HX, you are the creator of your own city. Start your development by building your train station serving as the centre of your city and develop the transport system around it. Watch as your city grows and takes shape into a living breathing metropolis.

The processing power of the Xbox 360 allows a city landscape to be simulated down to the smallest detail. You will be amazed as you look out over the city and see buildings far into the distance. And the game's advanced simulation engine allows you to watch the progress of the city as it goes from farmland to a giant metropolis.

Your city is rendered in full polygonal 3D and can be viewed from any angle.

  • Create your own tracks and trains using up to 7 different cars with over 50 different types
  • Sees the return of the ‘train window’ mode – a favorite in the A-Train series
  • Tracks can be built up to 9 levels high and 2 levels underground, allowing you to make a subway
  • Build your city and choose the right buildings to spur its development
  • The game's advanced simulation engine makes every time you play unique. You can make cities over and never make the same one twice.
  • Upload your created maps using Xbox Live sharing them with players around the world
  • Exclusive Xbox Live leaderboard. Compete with players from all over the globe in each map category.

Metro 2033 Review(Xbox360)

Written by igcompany on Saturday, 30 July 2011 21:06.

First Person Shooter

Set in the shattered subway of a post apocalyptic Moscow, Metro 2033 is a story of intensive underground survival where the fate of mankind rests in your hands.

In 2013 the world was devastated by an apocalyptic event, annihilating almost all mankind and turning the earth’s surface into a poisonous wasteland. A handful of survivors took refuge in the depths of the Moscow underground, and human civilization entered a new Dark Age.

The year is 2033. An entire generation has been born and raised underground, and their besieged Metro Station-Cities struggle for survival, with each other, and the mutant horrors that await outside.

You are Artyom, born in the last days before the fire, but raised Underground. Having never ventured beyond your Metro Station-City limits, one fateful event sparks a desperate mission to the heart of the Metro system, to warn the remnants of mankind of a terrible impending threat. Your journey takes you from the forgotten catacombs beneath the subway to the desolate wastelands above, where your actions will determine the fate of mankind.
  • Metro 2033 is a gripping, atmospheric first person shooter experience powered by cutting edge technology to deliver incredible visuals.
  • Witness the everyday horrors of a broken society living in constant fear.
  • Brave the darkness of the tunnels, where mutants hunt their prey and ghostly spirits lurk.
  • Explore the desolate city-surface, trusting your gas mask and rifle to protect you from a poisoned world and the creatures that roam there.
  • Steel your nerve and prepare to face the terrors that await.

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